archived page

Statement by the President of the Republic after re-election

on November 23, 1997


"Thank you for placing your confidence in me. I shall take up my share of the responsibility with which you entrust me, in order for our life together in the country to be made agreeable for all the citizens, including those in hardship and uncertainty, so that the country will be respected at home and abroad.

I would like to underline the fact that we are living in peace and that we are living in security! We have earned such a country. Together we decided to create it, together we invested our hopes in it, together we defended it, with a feeling for our fellow human being. Through mutual respect, co-operation and trust, we will also be capable of this in the future. We have never before possessed such strength, national riches, knowledge, nor so many capable people, who are able and desire to work for the common good and for the consolidation of Slovenia’s standing in the world. Let us therefore turn our attention to the life we are faced with, let us close the wounds of the past and provide for our future. Let us provide this for the younger generations. The path to this future is hard and uncertain. It leads through good relations with our neighbours, through the EU and the NATO defence pact. We are respected in the world. Let us build on this respect. Let us bring together all the strength possessed by the Slovene nation, both at home and around the world.

I call on all of us to continue working together. I also call on the National Assembly, the Government, the National Council, I call on the political parties, civil movements and the public, to work together. What I myself can promise is that I shall use all my strength, knowledge and experience to work towards fulfilling the programme of Slovenia’s future and prosperity. And what can I offer as a guarantee for this? I can offer my work so far. I have never fled my own people. I remained with you through all our hardships and all our trials. I stood alongside you in our common decisions, and together with you I defended them, for all of us I negotiated peace and the international recognition of our country. We had fortune and wisdom. Let this be so in the future, too.

Thank you for your confidence. Together we arrived where we are today, and together we will be able to continue. I thank all the voters and all those who in any way helped in my re-election. There were a great many of you. And I am proud of that.