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Statement of President Janez Drnovšek on the Election of the New Pope

Ljubljana, 04/19/2005  |  press release, statement

The President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Janez Drnovšek made the following statement with regard to the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as the new pope:

"I am convinced that Pope Benedict XVI will continue the work initiated by his predecessor Pope John Paul II. The fact that he was elected so quickly indicates that he enjoyed considerable support among the cardinals and that it was probably already clear whom they saw as the successor to the previous pope. I believe that his mission will take the direction of emphasising and spreading spirituality, that like Pope John Paul II he will spread a message of peace, that he will seek contacts with other religions and try to bring faiths closer together in the presentation of certain fundamental human values, and that he too will probably draw attention to social differences in the world and try to help find solutions to the principal global problems."