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Ljubljana, 01/05/2007  |  statement

At the reception of carol singers today, the President of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek has also answered the questions by the press:

Why did you not attended the diplomatic meeting?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: Well, I would not comment on that as it is not an obligation. Receptions are just receptions. There is never much of substance going on and I believe diplomats attend too many receptions anyway.

What do you think, for instance, about polemics concerning the plans afoot for replacing half of the Constitutional Court judges? Have you got any names in mind yet?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: I really would not like to talk about this now. I will present the nominations in due course.

Another question relating to Constitutional Court judges: Do you find Slovenian politics too much involved in the Constitutional judge issue in order to turn it into a political event?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: You must ask the politicians. However, Constitutional Court judges are important. Constitutional Court must be ranked above politics. This was nicely stated by the President of the Constitutional Court in his speech at the national ceremony; politics may by no means interfere with the Constitutional Court nor may they try to fill the positions at the Court with their own people. This would in fact create a bad feeling about the kind of a country we live in. It is a court of the highest instance which should have the confidence of all citizens and not just those who adhere to a certain political option.

You have already forwarded the nomination for the governor to the National Assembly. What could you say about Mr Gaspari?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: I can say only that I have nominated him to re-occupy the post of the governor for the next term. I believe he has done his job very well and that he is a governor who will continue his work, which is the sign of stability for the country and for its currency. I would find any change relating to the nomination of the new governor quite unusual at the moment.

Your were very active in foreign policy last year. What are your priorities this year, in terms of foreign policy, do you happen to have any?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: I will first try to continue to make the world better than it is right now.

Any specific actions?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: Is that not enough?

Will you be coordinating your actions with the Government all the time?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: Yes, if the Government is also willing to make the world a better place to live.

How would you comment on the newly emerging dilemmas – is this all about another argument between yourself and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Dr. Janez Drnovšek: Oh, come on. Thank you very much.
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