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About the Ombudsman and the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia

Ljubljana, 10/26/2006  |  statement

Tomorrow the Official Gazette will publish the call of the President of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek for applications for the vacant position of the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia. In approximately two weeks, the President will also propose the Ombudsman. In this regard, the President of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek also answered some media questions (non-revised):

The call for applications for the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia is due to appear tomorrow. What kind of a man do you expect or wish for the position in question?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "We have to wait to see the applications. But I believe that the present Governor, Mr Gaspari, was very successful in exercising this function. The very fact that Slovenia as the only one among the ten new Member States has adopted Euro and will introduce it at the beginning of the next year speaks for itself. Therefore I believe that as regards the monetary matters we have been very successful in the period of the last five years.

Maybe as regards the Ombudsman, the same question?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "The situation here is more complex, as there are 28 applicants. I am now engaged in choosing among those 28 persons the one who is the most appropriate, which is not a simple task at all. And, in particular, it is not simple to provide a two-third support in our Parliament. That is, I could say, given the present relations, an almost impossible task. But I do hope that the parties will be able to overcome their party-views and will grant their support to the candidate I will propose."
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