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Petition against censorship and political pressures on jurnalists in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 09/27/2007  |  press release

The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek received today a “petition against the censorship and political pressure exerted on journalists in Slovenia; so far, the petition has been signed by 438 signatories, journalists in the Slovenian mass media.

The petitioners have informed the President of the Republic of Slovenia that the relevant document was sent to more than 300 addresses abroad, among them also to the leaders of the EU Member States, international organisations and to several other media.

The signatories note that the situation in a range of media proves that in recent years the pressure against the freedom of journalists has been increasing. Although the petition is targeted against the present Government, their warning and message apply to all the political forces and the owners of mass media in the country.

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, has taken note of the petition content and the list of signatories. The President believes – and that he has already pointed out publicly on several occasions – that any attempts to suppress the freedom of expression and interfere with the autonomy of journalists’ work should be regarded as violation of the fundamental principles of democracy.

Text of Petition:

From September 10 to September 22, our Petition against Censorship and Political Pressures on Journalists in Slovenia has been signed by 438 Slovenian journalists.

The main reason for the petition is the fact that the current Slovenian government has abused the shortcomings of the media law which had been passed during the period of previous governments. At the same time government changed both media laws at the beginning of its mandate.

The desire of politics to be in control of the media in Slovenia is not new, but the situation in many media institutions shows that pressures on media freedom have strengthened. Although the petition is critical toward the current government, its message is addressed to all political powers and owners of the media in the country.

The petition has been sent to over 320 addresses abroad, including the heads of all member states of the European Union, a number of international organizations and many foreign media houses.

From Wednesday, September 26, onwards the petition can be signed at the offices of the Union of Slovene Journalists and the Slovene Association of Journalists, Wolfova Street 8, Ljubljana.

After the successful launching of the petition we, as its initiators, have decided to authorize the Union and the Association of Journalists for collecting signatures at the address above.

Matej Šurc, Blaž Zgaga

Ljubljana, September 26th 2007
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