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Dr Drnovšek receives Austrian Federal Chancellor

Ljubljana, 05/18/2007  |  press release

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, today received the Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, Dr Alfred Gusenbauer.

Dr Drnovšek and Dr Gusenbauer expressed satisfaction with the excellent relations between the two neighbouring countries, which had been given a fresh impetus with Austria and Slovenia cooperating within the European Union. Both countries also share similar development goals. President Drnovšek and Chancellor Gusenbauer devoted a greater part of their talks to the participation of both countries in international military missions. Thanks to Slovenia’s membership of NATO, the capacity of Slovenian Armed Forces has visibly improved enabling them to participate in the most sensitive international missions. President Drnovšek said he had been convinced of this fact during his recent visit to the Slovenian Armed Forces deployed in Kosovo.

Click to enlargeChancellor Gusenbauer mentioned the preparations of the Austrian Government to reform Austria's armed forces, with special emphasis being given to international peace operations and to the involvement of members of the armed forces in disaster relief.

They also talked about the importance of protecting the environment. The host supported the European Commission's position on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and warned against the belief that in the long-term nuclear energy should replace fuels chiefly responsible for pollution.

Dr Drnovšek was especially interested in measures the Austrian Government is preparing to resolve the issue of bilingual place names in Carinthia. Dr Gusenbauer replied that he was an optimist and that he believed this issue, which is a symbolic one, would be resolved before summer within the framework of a comprehensive approach to minority issues. He also hopes that in the remaining time an agreement will be reached in discussions with the interested parties. There are many signals that the atmosphere surrounding these issues is much more open, which is also a result of intensified contacts between people and close ties between Slovenia and Austria.
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