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Letter to President George Bush

Ljubljana, 04/12/2003  |  statement

Dear Mr. President,

the war in Iraq is over. Many in the world doubted its necessity. But many of us were also convinced that it was important to disarm the regime of Saddam Hussein, although we hoped that a war could be avoided. You were certain that this was imperative in the interest of national security and in the interest of mankind.

Coalition forces have successfully completed their combat mission. I especially value the fact that military operations were conducted in a way, which tried to minimize human casualties, especially among the civilians. This achievement, however, constitutes only the first part of the task at hand. The world opinion and history will give their final verdict when a peaceful and normal life of the Iraqi people is successfully established. I have no doubt that this life will be much more free than under the military regime of Saddam Hussein.

We can see that the situation in Iraq these days is such that quick and effective action is needed to establish order, stop the looting and secure the essential activities for the peaceful life of the population. What is needed now is immediate humanitarian aid, especially essential medical assistance. The successful resolution of the current situation will in large part determine the attitude of the Iraqi people to the coalition's efforts. In this connection, I would like to especially underline the readiness of the Republic of Slovenia to take part to the best of its capabilities in the provision of humanitarian assistance.

Allow me to take this opportunity to express my sympathy for all the victims of this war and to convey to You my special condolences to the relatives of the fallen American soldiers.

Please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of my highest consideration.
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