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Slovenian President upon the 10th Anniversary of Terrorist Attacks on the US

Ljubljana, 10.9.2011  |  statement

In memory of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D.C., tomorrow the whole world will commemorate the events that took place ten years ago. We remember with great sadness the many people who lost their lives in those horrible events. At the time of the attacks, I lived and worked in New York, and I will never forget the grief of its people and the dimensions of the tragedy that befell this global metropolis.

However, the attacks that took place on 11 September 2001 are also remembered as events that have changed the world. The recognition of the urgency of the measures preventing terrorist attacks and the international cooperation needed to facilitate the effectiveness of this prevention has strengthened throughout the world. Nevertheless, this cooperation must be enhanced further. Ten years later, we also now know that the terrorist threat is far more versatile, serious and unexpected in nature than we could have ever imagined. This has been proved by the recent mass killings in Norway where the perpetrator of the terrorist act, through his crime, tried to make the issue trans-border in nature and change Europe.

Slovenia is also not fully immune to or fully safe from potential acts of violence. Therefore, the strong organisation and effectiveness of the national system of security and the protection of the inhabitants of our country — this system representing the importance of national security and one of the fundamental guarantees of quality of life — have become increasingly important. Slovenia must improve its security culture and the professionalism of its security services and, at the same time, ensure the full respect of freedom and human rights.

Terrorism poses a serious threat to human rights. For this very reason, anti-terrorist activities must be effective and organised so as to help avoid this menace.
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