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Address by the President of the Republic

Ljubljana, 16.3.2012  |  statement

Dear Citizens of Slovenia,

presidential election is scheduled for the autumn. I have been thinking seriously about this over the past months and have decided that I will stand for a second term as President of the Republic of Slovenia in this year's presidential election. I will run as a citizen’s candidate, with a list of supporters from all parts of Slovenia and all segments of our society.

Prior to my decision, I undertook extensive consultations. Many people I spoke to told me that my candidacy for a second term was natural and expected. Many of them noticed that I had been sincerely working for the well-being of our people and for the common good of our country to the best of my abilities. I have always acted in accordance with my principles, my conscience, and openly to the public, to all citizens of our country. I am an independent president, and I will be an independent candidate for a second term. I have always been prepared to cooperate with all parties and all people of good will for the good of Slovenia.

Dear Citizens,

we live in times that call for a great deal of effort. To overcome the crisis, it is necessary to distribute the burdens fairly. We must preserve and strengthen fundamental social values such as solidarity, helping others, creativity, and the ability to take risks prudently. We must preserve the principle of the social state and develop it in accordance with the requirements of the time. We need a tolerant, calm, and rational political debate. We must strengthen the rule of law and eliminate corruption. We must develop adequate intergenerational solidarity. We must ensure better possibilities for education and employment for the young, and conditions for a safe and dignified old age for the old. We must secure a position among the most developed, successful, and fair countries in the world.

These tasks are demanding. I am convinced that we can cope with them. We need more confidence in ourselves and our citizens, more self-reliance, and optimism. I have dedicated my current work and my candidacy for a second term as President to these goals. As always, I am confident of the wisdom of your judgement, and hope for your support.
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