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Slovenian President congratulates Pope Benedict XVI

Ljubljana, 17.4.2012  |  statement

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Türk, extended his sincere congratulations on his own behalf and on behalf of the people of Slovenia to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the seventh anniversary of his pontificate.

In his letter of congratulations, President Türk wrote: "This year marks the twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the Holy See. Slovenia values the high level of mutual understanding and cooperation we have reached during these years. We want to continue this cooperation and enrich it through new content. Slovenia greatly appreciates the efforts made by the Holy See in preserving values such as the coexistence of different cultures, the protection of human rights, solidarity, tolerance and compassion, which are particularly important in times of crisis. I would like to take this opportunity to also offer you my sincere congratulations on your personal celebration and wish you good health and personal happiness."
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