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Slovenian President on the 55th Anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty

Ljubljana, 14.5.2010  |  statement

Dr Danilo Türk, President of the Republic of Slovenia (FA BOBO)On tomorrow's 55th anniversary of the signing of the Austrian State Treaty, President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Danilo Türk wishes to emphasise that this Treaty is of exceptional significance for Slovenia, in particular as regards the rights of the Slovenian minority living in Austria. President Türk points out that some of these rights have not yet been fully implemented. He therefore appeals once again to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to notify the status of Slovenia as a successor state of the Austrian State Treaty and enhance its efforts regarding the implementation of Article 7 of the Treaty. Moreover, the Slovenian President calls on the organisations of Carinthian Slovenes to overcome their disagreements as soon as possible and define common action for the benefit of the Slovenian national community in Austria.
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