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President Türk congratulates the President-Elect of Egypt

Ljubljana, 25.6.2012  |  statement

President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, congratulated the President-Elect of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr Mohammed Morsi, upon his election.

In the letter, President Türk wrote: "In the past year and a half the people of Egypt have shown their courage and determination to follow the path towards democracy and freedom. Having walked the same path more then twenty years ago, the people of Slovenia know well that the process of transition is long and arduous, requiring unity of purpose and action. Egypt, a much more diverse society, showed the same kind of unity in February 2011.

You can count on our full support in your efforts to steer the enormous potential of the vibrant Egyptian people into a democratic, pluralistic and equitable society, based on universal values and human rights, and led by a government which reflects the diversity of the society.

Dear President-Elect, in the past twenty years, Slovenia and Egypt have developed strong ties of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. I look forward to working closely with you in order to promote our bilateral relations and strengthen international efforts for peace and security."
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