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Meeting between the President of the Republic of Slovenia and the President of the Swiss Confederation

Ljubljana, 3.3.2008  |  press release

Klikni za povečavoThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, had a meeting today with the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr Pascal Couchepin. Both Presidents agreed that relations between the two countries are excellent and developing satisfactorily.

Dr Danilo Türk took the opportunity to stress the close cooperation between the two countries in all areas, including in economic, scientific and political spheres. The two Heads of State primarily discussed Slovenia’s experience of cooperation with the European Union and with the United Nations Organisation. Given Slovenia’s Presidency of the EU Council, talks also focused on the Presidency priorities, in particular issues of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy, energy and environmental issues, intercultural dialogue and the Western Balkans. President Türk reported that the talks had been held in a very pleasant and informal atmosphere.

Klikni za povečavoThe President of the Swiss Confederation, Pascal Couchepin, explained that the Swiss Confederation had chosen a different, more gradual approach towards European integration. The Swiss Confederation has a slightly different system, he said, but has nevertheless adopted a pragmatic approach and participates in individual European projects. He also mentioned the Swiss Confederation’s forthcoming integration into the Schengen area and reported that harmonisation in this area was progressing well. Both Presidents touched upon bilateral cooperation. The President of the Swiss Confederation pointed out that Switzerland had the second highest number of foreign investments in Slovenia. He added that cooperation in science and technology was also proceeding well and that he was in favour of intensifying such cooperation.

Klikni za povečavo
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