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President Türk receives Foreign Minister Erjavec

Ljubljana, 5.6.2012  |  press release

In the scope of regular consultations, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, received the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Karl Erjavec, with whom he discussed current issues of Slovenian foreign policy. One of the issues they discussed was the reorganisation of Slovenia’s diplomatic network.

President Türk said that discussions and decisions concerning the reorganisation of the diplomatic network, including the closure of certain embassies, were currently needed. In this context, the President stressed that when making decisions on the closure of certain embassies, it was also necessary to make decisions on the opening of embassies in those parts of the world where Slovenia is insufficiently represented. He recommended that the government draft a plan for the opening of new embassies, together with the proposals for the closure of existing embassies, which would bring about the appropriate reorganisation of the diplomatic network.
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