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Slovenian President Danilo Türk meets British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

London, 12.3.2008  |  press release

Klikni za povečavoThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, met the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Mr Gordon Brown, in London today. In a joint declaration issued after the meeting, the two statesmen agreed that relations between their two countries are excellent.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stressed that both countries have common goals and a common approach to current international issues. He especially commended Slovenia’s approach on maintaining stability in Kosovo and involvement in the peace mission in Afghanistan. He described Slovenia as one of the countries significantly contributing to peace in the region and throughout the world.

The Slovenian President and the British Prime Minister devoted part of their talks to Slovenia’s EU Presidency priorities. They additionally discussed issues they considered warranted the special attention of the European Union. These include, in particular, global efforts undertaken in the context of the millennium development goals, representing partnership between rich and poor countries to combat extreme poverty and famine and to work towards a decent living for millions of people throughout the world. They agreed that this required an additional initiative from the European Union.

They also touched upon issues of global warming and climate change. The President of the Republic, Dr Danilo Türk, commented that it was time for innovation. He pointed out that the goals had been properly established, what was needed, however, was continued effort to achieve the goals and to form new alliances, especially with the countries bearing the greatest responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions.

Before meeting the British Prime Minister, the Slovenian President had participated in the international conference ‘Living Together’ organised by the British Council. In his keynote speech, he had presented to the distinguished participants at the conference his view of the importance of cultural dialogue, with emphasis on the issue of inclusion of migrants.
Klikni za povečavo
Klikni za povečavo

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