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President Türk receives the Albanian Prime Minister

Ljubljana, 3.9.2012  |  press release

President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, receives Dr Sali Berisha, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Albania (photo: Tina Kosec/STA)The President of the Republic, Dr Danilo Türk received Dr Sali Berisha, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Albania, with whom he held discussions on bilateral cooperation and several international issues. They assessed that bilateral cooperation is progressing well. Economic cooperation is also strengthening. However, they stressed that trade in goods is still at a very low level and should be increased, and advantage should also be taken of the fact that despite the recession, Albania is still making good progress, with three per cent growth.

The discussion partners also mentioned the political consultations between the states, which cover a wider range of international issues, including questions of the transformation of the Arab world and the applicability of the Albanian experience, which is characterised by religious tolerance and moderate Islam, in relations with Arab countries. Albania currently holds the chair of the Committee of Ministers and can play a useful role in communicating between the Council of Europe and the countries of North Africa.

The Slovenian President and the Albanian Prime Minister also focused on relations in the Balkans. Croatia’s progress in the process of accession to the EU and the advancement of Montenegro were assessed as encouraging. However, a degree of uncertainty remains over several other issues in the Balkans, including relations between Belgrade and Priština and the status of Macedonia. The discussion partners are striving for success in Macedonia progress on the path to the European Union and for a better focus in Brussels on the issues that need to be resolved in this context.
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