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President Türk receives President of the German Parliament

Ljubljana, 31.5.2012  |  press release

President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Danilo Türk meets President of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr Norbert Lammert (photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA)The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, has received the President of the German Parliament, Dr Norbert Lammert. Their talks focused on bilateral relations between the two countries and topical European issues.

During the talks, the Slovenian President highlighted in particular the problems resulting from the system of decision-making within the European Union and the roles played by governments and national parliaments in the situation when the Treaty of Lisbon reinforced the position of some European Union institutions. At the same time, the crisis situation increased the importance of decision-making and, as a result, the involvement of national parliaments in making decisions on issues regarding the budget and other important current aspects.

The President of the German Parliament presented the practice and experience of the German Parliament and Government in this decision-making. This experience requires even closer cooperation and more careful preparation of negotiating positions for meeting the needs of negotiating within the European Union and careful preparation of decisions which are submitted for final decision in the national parliament after the adoption of proposals within the European Union.

The Slovenian President drew attention to the fact that every country has its own specific situation, both constitutional and in terms of other situations concerning its economic and financial positions, adding that that it is necessary to ensure the legitimacy of all decisions and the protection of the constitutional values of every Member State of the European Union.
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